Research on Cerebral Palsy & ADHD Specialist in London

Dr.Sethu Wariyar’s research activities has been in the field of Neurodisability- related to the epidemiology of Cerebral palsy and ADHD. He has contributed towards the international classification of Cerebral Palsy by challenging the term ‘Cerebral Diplegia’ in a publication (Archives of Diseases in Childhood) and the fallacy of diagnosis of Ataxic Cerebral Palsy (RCPCH Conference 2006). He has been involved in an international study looking at the epidemiology of visual impairment in children with Cerebral palsy, results being presented at the European Society for Paediatric Research in October 2011. He was the principal investigator in the borough for the research study looking into communication classification system in children with Cerebral palsy and in a multi-centric study looking at wellbeing in families having children with ADHD. He was actively involved in recruiting children into the multi-centric drug trial for Guanfacine for children with ADHD, which has since then been successfully launched in the UK. He was also recruiting children for the international multi-centric study looking at side effects of long term methylphenidate use in children put on this drug (ADDUCE). All the above studies are MCRN portfolio studies. As a result, he has also acquired an expertise in the field of ADHD, considered an opinion in this domain at a national level and am frequently invited to deliver lectures and conduct workshops at a national and international level.


Focused mainly on Cerebral Palsy, ADHD (Phase III MCRN drug trial inclusive) and ASD, other than generic issues like communication, training topics etc Presented findings at meetings: 

  • Nationally (Presented and Chaired sessions)
    • RCPCH Conferences
    • North East Collaborative Cerebral Palsy Survey
    • George Still Forum
    • Several Pharma led national conferences
    • BAPIO conferences
    • Roadshows on newer drugs released :Lis-dexamfetamine & Guanfacine
  • Internationally: 
    • European Academy of Childhood Disability, Portugal
    • European Paediatric Research Society
    • Indian Academy of Paediatrics 
    • European academy of Childhood Disability, Paris
  • Conducted workshops in the UK and abroad on- to exceptionally rewarding feedback
    • Management of ADHD and comorbidities
    • Management of ASD and comorbidities
    • Behavioural strategies
    • Management of DCD
    • Cerebral Palsy and visual impairment
    • Cerebral Palsy and dual sensory impairment
    • Cerebral Palsy and Dysphagia
    • Transition in Neuro-disability
    • Acute Brain Injury
    • Communication of difficult information
    • Self-preservation & Emotional Agility (Resilience)
  • Published in peer-reviewed journals
    • Archives of Diseases Childhood
    • BMJ Careers
    • European Paediatric Research Society
    • British Academy of Childhood Disability


ASPIN-Q is a result of years of research and hard work by Dr. Sethu Wariyar and team.

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