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Education, training and teaching is a passion that Dr. Sethu Wariyar has nurtured all his medical career, enhanced through the Royal College’s Paediatric Educators Programme while a registrar, and being selected into the National Leadership Academy’s Senior Educational Leadership Programme as a consultant, on top of the shop floor endeavour to effectively implement what he has learnt at every opportunity. He believed in 'walking the walk' for any project to empower trainees and trainers he personally has envisaged and undertaken and has led it to successful completion with goodwill and engaging support of the team. Various projects he has facilitated while assuming different roles are mentioned below, commencing from early days to the most recent, in an attempt to build up on this strength year by year. This should reflect his commitment to the process of learning at a local level as well as at the Royal College level and contribution to the wider world of postgraduate Paediatric training.

  As a Trainee representative into the RCPCH  

  • Was the trainee representative into the Northern Deanery and RCPCH, London
  • Organised first ever national Trainee Conference in Newcastle. 
  • Conducted and presented study on ‘Trainee involvement in child protection”- The recommendation by me led to the currently administered ALSG model training. 
  • Contributed to the current Paediatric Neuro-disability (PND) curriculum as the ‘test-driving’ trainee & later CSAC member.  
  • Currently supervising trainees doing PND training & MSc (PND))

As a Consultant Paediatrician

  • Was RCPCH tutor (South Tyneside Hospital and Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne).
  • Successfully led the Essential Junior Paediatric Rotation (III year medical student teaching, Great North Children’s hospital, previously RVI): 2009- 2012 to excellent feedback
    • Ushered in electronic era: Cascading time-table, teaching materials, tutorials/seminars, pre & post-course questionnaire & feedback  
    • Created virtual textbook ‘Examination of a child’, including videos
  • Coached for MRCPCH Examination: bedside teaching and as a chief faculty in the successful national level North East MRCPCH training course (being an MRCPCH examiner by then). 
  • As a trained Mentor, supported several trainees in difficulty and novice consultants
  • Secretary, North East Paediatric Society
    • Conducting meetings with Presidents of RCPCH
    • Creating a website and regular matter editing and cascading information to the paediatricians of the region

As a Training Programme Director for Northern Deanery (HENE) from 2008- 2014 & Kent Surrey Sussex Deanery (HEKSS) from 2014 to 2019

  • Was involved in the whole process of training: recruitment, placements, planning curriculum, ARCPs, attending tribunals: I created electronic auditing systems for each of these processes and utilised the automated system for the collated res;onse for Northeren Deanery and the GMC
  • Conceived GMC lauded international medical graduates training programme for HENE.
  • Conducted bi-annual Training the Trainers for paediatric trainers: Led sessions on
    • ARCP- how to write a report
    • Effective Educational supervision
    • Providing constructive feedback to trainee
    • Training against bullying & intimidation 
    • Trainees in Difficulty
    • Mentoring
  • When highest rate of bullying reported in 2008 GMC survey, sadly in the North East Paediatric training:
    • Worked heavily alongside deanery, trainees and trainers
    • Identified worst affected units (using anonymised feedback surveys)
    • Facilitated training sessions (On both trainee study days & and Training the trainer days
    • Organised focus group sessions in implicated centres
    • Posters of zero-tolerance raising awareness of the menace in every unit posted with instructions on whom to contact
    • Discussion on the Postgraduate quarterly bulletin
    Led to its eradication by 2011with trainee empowerment 3 consistently named perpetrators supported with their re-training and integration or exit Others gained insight into what could be construed as bullying.
  • Currently leading an equivalent project for HEKSS
    • Training on Anti-bullying
    • Training on Trainee support & Resilience
  • Lead for supporting trainee committee, HEKSS (Along with trainees)
    • Novel trainee teaching programme devised (TEAM days)
    • Trainee website supported – and induction pack for new trainees
    • Trainee feedback survey devised
    • Trainee ‘well-being’ project lead
    • Paediatric Postgraduate school

 As an RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health, London) officer: 

  • Senior MRCPCH Theory Examiner (Vice chairman previously of exam board)
  • Senior MRCPCH Clinical Examiner
  • Conducted and presented study on ‘Trainee involvement in child protection”- The recommendation by me led to the currently administered ALSG model training. 
    • International venues: Middle East, Far East
    • Chief Invigilator in Centres in United Kingdom
  • Executive member of British Academy of Childhood Disability  (Editor of newsletter (4 years)
    • From North East previously
    • Currently South West London region 
  • Editor of BACD newsletter (4 years- paper to electronic version facilitated)
  • Speaker, national RCPCH Career fairs to encourage undergraduate entry. 
  • RCPCH representative interviewer at: 
    • National recruitment for run-through posts
    • Interviewing candidates for Postgraduate Paediatric Training
    • National Grid entry to other Paediatric sub-specialty
    • Interview panel member for selection into national sub-specialist training
    • AAC Consultant interviews all over UK-as the Royal College representative to ensure fair and consistent assessment of candidates applying for Consultant posts 
  • Organising and supporting MRCPCH Theory courses in UK and India 

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