Would exercise help relieve ADHD symptoms?

ADHD is a dopamine deficit disorder.

When someone is deplete in Dopamine, one finds ways to pump it into the areas of brain needing it desperately to keep your attention intact on the environmental stimuli and your inner environmental needs (conscience, morality, daily chores, routines, hygiene etc..).

Eating, rewarding with positive comments/ gifts, sex, any thrilling activity as well as physical activity pumps in your innate dopamine. That’s the sad reason why children remain hyperactive to keep their focus on tasks and activity of daily living intact. Not because they want to be naughty, but actually they are trying very hard to focus on what you are instructing them. I recognise the same pattern in parents when I’m giving a ‘long talk/ advice session’ on ADHD strategies, when they start to jerk their legs in a fidgety manner as if trying hard to listen (and I know where the chikd’s ADHD has come from).

This is effectively used in class rooms as movement breaks, fidgety toys, wobble cousins etc etc where some activity- discreet or obvious keeps this action in brain going.

Hence a run three times up and down the stairs before doing homework, walking to school or staggering physical activity with mental activity promotes learning episodes.

Best wishes.

How does it feel to be an ADHD victim?

ADHD is a blessing. But unfortunately if left unbridled, it can turn a curse.

The abundant energy and the tireless drive one has is incredible. When everyone is tired, this hero has the enthusiasm to carry on.

He is called the soul of party – comical, full of fun and the clown, keeping everyone laughing and entertained, even if he harbours sadnes in private.

He is always full of original ideas as he thinks out of the box. He however might not be there to complete the project, as often others take over the lead (something that he doesn’t really get mind)

He speaks out courageously for the underprivileged, the discriminated, the marginalised (as he just can’t tolerate injustice) unlike the rest- and openly campaigns for them, even the ones on the receiving end. He not surprisingly wins enemies as a result, but can’t fathom why they dislike him.

He would always be there for friends.. going out of his way to support, stimulate and encourage them to achieve their maximal potential. But he understands they cannot be accessible all the time once they are riding the crest of success as he understands that obviously they are busy and his pride will not let him ask them for help.

He has an amazing wide circle of friends for whom he will be there anytime any where- but he cannot count the number of close ones on his hands, the ones who could trust and would turn up when he really needs them,

He wishes every one good, with not a sinew of ill will in him they all know, but can’t forgive him for his annoying habit of ‘’things slipping from his mind’. They don’t understand why he can’t get to a meet in time, buy gifts or send a card for their birthday like they do!

Most of all although he keeps them in splits in their private circle, they look away to avoid him as he can prove a source of perpetual embarrassment by his loud voice and antics..

And sadly he knows all this, but just doesn’t have any control on it.